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Commercial Unit

The Alborz Santa Payesh Co. has been established to pursue developing business on marketing and modern sale management by utilizing modern science and specializing. This group provides the market with modern and advanced business methods and hopes aligned this guideline, the culture of production to consumption be implemented.

Mission of Commercial Unit:

1. raw materials supply required by production unit according to international standards, customer`s requirement from the best manufacturers of raw materials, local manufacturers like(Isfahan and Isfarayen alloy steel) and foreign manufacturers such as Alcoa, Buehler, Thyssenkrupp
Meanwhile, constant supervision of metallurgical experts of this company with regard to confirmation of raw materials according to customer’s demand and respective standards

2. Supply manufacturing tools of production group and also QC unit from the best manufacturers, such as Dijet, Seco, Sandvik, Mitsubishi, Horn, Franken, Emuge, Mitutoyo, Tesa, Mahr

3. Complete and constant coordination with production unit and engineering department with regard to search and promotion of outsourcing goals of this company and finding the best and most experienced partners regarding operations, such as Coating, Brazing and Casting that need outsourcing by this company.

Raw materials



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