Company Overview

The policy of Alborz Sanat Palayesh Company

Alborz Sanat Palayesh Company was established and started business activities privately in 2006. the company mainly operates in reverse engineering, design, raw material supply and required tools, also codification of production process and industrial production of all sorts of parts and precision sets, in particular in oil, gas, petrochemical and automotive industries. Different units of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Companies are among major customers of this company. Meanwhile, among policies described for company is close cooperation with manufacturers of all sorts of turbines and compressors.
Alborz Sanat Palayesh Co.:
manufacturer of various types of high technology mechanical systems required by national industry. Policy of the company is based on trust and customer`s satisfaction in all stages of manufacture and fulfilling all requirements and expectations.
Quality Control system of Alborz Sanat Palayesh Co. has been deployed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard. The so called policy required implementation strategies and procedures, will be mentioned below :
Trust in utilization of manufactured parts and systems
High speed production and fulfillment of requirements on due time
To improve company efficiency by upgrading manufacturing methods, growth in technical knowledge and capability through continuous training of staff, and creating proposals system
Achievement to ideal desired position in domestic competition market, presence in abroad markets and its retention
Creation of self-confidence culture, motivation and tendency to continuous improvement of quality
I am responsible for prefect implementation of this system, and all staffs are responsible for quality assurance on performing their duties.
It is worthy that all colleagues in all company’s department contribute in achievement to above objectives with a full understanding and observance of this policy.


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