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Welding Unit

Welding unit of this company comprises experienced engineers in the field of welding, metallurgy and utilizes the most expert welders of this company with regard to welding process and is ready for cooperation and promotion of company goals and updating and necessary training has always been in the agenda of this unit.

Activities of welding unit:

Compilation of ITP and QCP
Compilation of PWPS , PQR , WPS welding instruction according to ASME BPV Sec. IX , ISO 15614 standards
Conducting WQT welder’s test according to ASME BPV Sec. IX , EN 278 standard
Conducting (PAUT, TOFD, VT, PT, MT, UT, RTI) non-destructive tests (NDT)
Steel and cast iron parts welding
Stainless steel parts welding (420, 437 Martensite) (316, 321, 309, 304 Austenite) Welding super alloy parts from nickel and cobalt bases
Welding gas turbine combustion chamber parts
Welding titanium parts

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